We are a Multidisciplinary Company that provide Engineering and Consultancy Services to the Projects in Different Fields,

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We are a multidisciplinary company that provide engineering and consultancy service to the projects in different fields, we have experience and the know how of many multinational projects all over the world.

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We offer top-notch services based on countless years of experience in the industry.

Johan Castberg FPSO

Barents Sea.

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Residential Building

Bucharest, Romania.

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Drum. Manastirea Varatec, 7-11, Sector 6, SC.02. Bucharest, Romania

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Our Team

Our team designed and prepared the calculations and construction drawings for a seven-floor residential building in Bucharest, using seismic design provisions.

Ahmed Kamel


“Optimization is a word that might taste as an endless process, but if it is built on proper experiences, the thin line between safety and savings is achieved, we are a team that have the experience to reach it.”

Mihaela Kamel

Financial Adminstrator

“Good governance depends on ability to take responsibility by both administration as we as people.”

Khaled Wally

Head of GIS. Department

Wide experience in Hydrographic survey, Geographic information system Expert, web development.

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